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How to Have a Good Conversation | Celeste Headlee | TEDxCreativeCoast

1. Don't Multitask

a. Doesn't mean set down your car keys or put down your phone



d. Don'tbe half in and half out of a conversation.

2. Don't 'Preach

a. If you want to state your opinion without any criticism, write a blog

b.. It's Uninteresting and Predictable

e. Enter every conversation that you have something to learn

d. Bill Nye — “Everyone that you will ever meet, knows something you don't”

3. Use Open Ended Questions

a. Start your questions Who, What, When, Why, or How.

b.. If you ask a complicated question you will get a simple answer

4. Go with the Flow

a. Thoughts that come into your mind need to go out of your mind

b.. Listen and Stay relevant

5. If you don't know, Say that you don't know

a. Pretend you are on the record, Be cautious about you claim to be an expert on

6. Don't equate their experience with theirs

a. All experiences are INDIVIDUAL

  • If someone lost a family member and so have you, you're experience is not that the same, so do you not relate

b.. It is not about you

  • You do not need to take that moment to prove how amazing you are or how. much you have suffered

7. Try not to repeat yourself

a. It's condescending and boring

8. Stay out of the weeds

a. People don't care about the years, dates, names, all the details you are struggling to remember

b. What they care about is YOU, They care about what you're like, What you have in



a. Most important skill you can develop

b.. If your mouth is open you're not learning

  • We'd rather talk, we want to be the center of attention, I don't have to hear anything | don't want to hear because | am talking

  • We get DISTRACTED, the average person talks at about 225 wpm, but we can listen up to 500 wpm per minute! Don't let your mind fil in that void,

  • Listen to the intent to understand, not the intent to respond.

10. Be Brief

a. Keep your mind open and be prepare to be amazed,

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